Swap rear panels anyone?

Hello everyone, I am now a gfc owner as of today. I bought a used v2 that was for a second gen Tacoma. I have a 3rd gen so it is compatible but I need the rear panel made for 3rd gen. Anyone SELLING their 3rd gen rear panel or have the opposite situation and want to TRADE.


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Are you still looking for the swap?


Hey there, I’ll be picking up a v2 GFC this month and the rear panel is setup for a gen2 Tacoma but I’m running a gen3 Tacoma. Let me know if you’re interested in a rear panel swap.

I might be buying a gen 3 gfc for my second gen could potentially still do the swap. Is yours with a window?

I there where are you located? I am picking up a 2nd gen soon but I have a 3rd gen Tacoma are you interested in a trade? I am in Raliegh NC.

I have a gen3 and am buying a gen2 GFC. I am in Salt Lake City if anyone can swap