Swapping tents ( did a search)

Hello everyone!

I did a search for this to no avail so forgive me if this has been answered already.

I bought my GFC #1880 used from someone in Michigan about a year ago and it’s been incredible even as I spend more time in there than I would like ( semi-full timer due to life circumstances).

It does not have the side doors, only the standard rear flap and while it isn’t an issue when camping, it does become an issue when “living” in it as it does get confining in there after a while so I’m looking at the possibility of swapping the fabric out for one with all three doors…

Has anyone done this? Before I reach out to GFC, would anyone know the cost of the tent itself?

I got one from warranty since the zipper delaminated. It was free but I think I remember the price Bering around $1000

1000 would make sense

I still have not swapped mine out. I temporarily glued the delaminating zipper. The two windows are key as I’m sure you know!