T-Nuts + 8020 = Roof Rack?

Question for the group…

Been ordering parts to make some cross bars to save some money.

Not thinking about it I did the larger Tnuts from Gzilla and just realized they aren’t recessed in the track.

I think it’ll still be fine, the bracket just might not be as flush. Has anyone recently made some and what did you use?

@jedgar looking at it in comparison to the drip rails it looks like that hardware was the smaller size…


I do use the 10-32 tnuts for the DripRails so they can be flush, but for my racks I use the 1/4-20. The racks feet are 1/8” steel and the hole is large enough for the tnut to fit inside of. This is enough thickness to be able to tighten them fully.

I’d either drill out your brackets so the nut can recess into it or space it out with washers like you said.

So right now screws are tight but bracket is floppy.

Are you saying that is cause either 1) bracket isn’t flush against extrusion because interior of track nut isn’t recessed or 2) track nut has too much room inside track?


The nut needs to look like the pics below either in the plate or in washers behind the plate.

Usually if the bolt is tight but the bracket is still floppy the bolt has bottomed out against the inside of the extrusion. If you remove one you will see the scratch mark if this is true.

Thank you!! Amazing visual.

Did a test…

Added nylon washers around each tnut and now it feels solid as a rock!

Still has a space but I guess unless I counter sunk that’ll always be there.

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Forgot to add pics.

Thanks everyone. Got it done.

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Just a note, I would watch those nylon washers, if they wear from vibration your tnuts could rotate and come out of the track…

Thanks. Yes, I figured I would keep an eye on them.

It wasn’t the ideal situation. I needed something to add space to lock the T-Nut. I was trying to find a metal washer in town at Ace but didn’t have any luck so went with the nylon washer.

Ideally, a countersink in 1/8th of an inch in the 1/4 inch aluminum brackets would be the trick I just 1) didn’t have a countersink drill bit and 2) didn’t know what size the inside of the TNut would need to be drilled.