T nuts help

Hi gfc fam, I was attempting to install chase light today into the rear t track and had an issue with the t nuts not able to fully secure the light bracket. The fastener is all the way down the t nuts and yet the bracket can still be undone by hand. This is the 10/32 version t nuts that sits flush when in t track. I even used a washer with the fasteners and that still does not tighten the bracket down enough.

Feedback will be appreciated. Thanks y’all

Can’t say for certain but that looks too big to be the 10-32(flush) T-nut. Looks to be the 1/4-20 tnut. Easy way to tell is:

  1. When the tnut is in the track, does it sit protrude past the track? No washer should be needed with the 10-32.

  2. Grab a 1/4-20 or 10-32 nut/thread gauge to confirm the bolt.

  3. Compare Tnut thickness to photo below. That is a 1/4-20 tnut (not flush).

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your reply. This t nut is indeed the 7.5mm and protrude pass the tracks. If I bore out the bracket to fit over the protrusion will it likely to work ?

Just wondering what application is the protrusion t nut most suitable for ?

You might be able to make it work but will need to add enough washers so that when snugging the bolt down it’s tightening against the mount/washers not the tnut.

Things like the beef bars, 90° mount and some other gfc items use the 1/4-20 ones however I find the 10-32 ones to be most useful.

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