T-nuts in the Superlite track

Are the T-nuts that slide into the tracks on the bottom of the Superlite really supposed to spin 90 degrees in the tracks? I can’t seem to get mine to spin 90 degrees as shown at the 4:00-minute point in the installation video, when he says “…and rotate them into place”:

I seem to only be able to spin my T-nuts 45 degrees, and I know that’s not right.


Just turn them until they don’t turn anymore. It doesn’t really matter how far you rotate them just make sure they are locked in.

I just slid the nuts down the t track in the 90 degree position made me feel better but probably doesn’t matter.


I did the same as @Ian and slid them all down the T-Track in the 90 degree position. If you look at the shape of the T-Track they cant spin in like shown in the video. Maybe GFC updated the design of the track since some people noted they t-nuts would pop out of place.

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Good information to know BEFORE I attempt to mount the Superlite. I would like them in the 90 degree position.

The ladder installation video notes that the t-nuts for the ladder are the same as the tent my ladder t nuts had a chamfer on one corner that seems to work better for turning to the 90 position. Maybe a design change happened and the videos didn’t get the full update.


We implemented a design change for the SuperLite t-nuts: the spinning t-nuts were switched to non-spinning t-nuts to make the installation process a little easier. The ladder kit still utilizes spin t-nuts, so that you can fit the t-nuts in-between the non-spinning ones. The pictures below are of the non-spinning t-nuts that come with the SuperLite:

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The ones in the photo look like they are designed to be spinning?? The ones I got with my superlite (Batch 3) are different and have 90 degree corners on all sides.

You are correct: the non-spinning t-nuts should have 90 degree corners whereas the spinning t-nuts should have slightly rounded corners.


I know this is an old post. Does anyone know the size of the T-nuts used in the SuperLite track?