T-Track Grab Handles

I designed Panel Handles and got some requests for grab handles that mount into the T-Tracks. T-Track Grab handles are nearly complete. Custom hardware has been ordered. These handles will work with the GFC/GZilla 10-32 x3/8 bolt and nut. Once I get the hardware I’ll be able to test fit them and finally weight test them.


Prototype is finished. Basic print for dimensional accuracy done. Waiting on hardware from supplier. Opted to go with a 10-32x 1" stainless bolt rather than a 3/8 bolt for extra lateral strength. Once the hardware is here, the T-Track handles will go live.

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Are you using CFNylon for this one?

There will be a CFNylon version as well as a PETG version. I have a bunch of PETG versions printed out already, and I’ll do small batches of the CFNylon to gauge interest in that material (since its pretty spendy).

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Yeah spendy is an understatement lol I’m running two Markforged Onyx churning out batches daily.

That is a hefty printer investment you have there haha. I’ve been running my MK3S+ for a few years and its been rock solid. I use a X-CF Pro and X1 Carbon now as well.

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That’s good to hear. I’m looking for a second platform other than Markforged to do prototypes while I use them for production. Anyway I don’t want to derail this by geeking out lol

Can’t really go wrong with the MK3S+. The MK4 just dropped, but imo there’s really no reason to upgrade for me. It’s also being reported as having some issues which is kinda odd for Prusa. The X1C is pretty awesome. For the price its very hard to beat. The X-CF Pro is kinda an oddball, but is capable of producing very good prints. The tech is advancing so fast that its a really exciting time to be in the additive manufacturing realm.

I may get a Prusa. In my 17yrs 3D printing using commercial large format inkjet/powder printers and fdm I’ve found this Markforged Onyx platform to be the absolute most reliable desktop. I wish material was a bit cheaper though.

Oh man, you’ve been in the game from the start pretty much! No wonder you have the two machines you do haha

Well now I’m working for myself so I don’t have the budget I’d like to have lol

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Track Handles are live!

May 10th - May 18th, 15% Off with code “GETAGRIP” on both Track Handles and Panel Handles! 3DProtoLab - Etsy


Got some better photos of the handles. Red contrasts better for the photos, plus it matches the Tremor grill on my ranger.


Thanks, Eisenheim. Have fun printing my order! :grinning:

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Thanks for the order!

We also print with Markforged and Prusa. We’ve had some Markforged Oynx parts in field testing with UV exposure for a number of months and the result is clear - Markforged Oynx is poorly suited for exterior use with high UV exposure. Parts degrade in a matter of months. Markforged states this but we wanted to find out for ourselves just how bad.

PETG is a reasonable choice. These handles look sweet!


I believe Markforged has their own line of specific filaments correct? I think that’s what I read when I was looking at them.

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Yep they do, but not UV resistant in nylons

That’s not something I would have expected from a machine/company that is marketed for professional use. I figured they would have top spec filaments, or at least offer filaments that would be rated for outdoor use for UV exposure.

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