Table and Cup Holders (Tacoma)


Hi All!

Many of you know I sell cup holders that integrate with Tacoma Bedrails. By popular demand and from the amazing feedback from the cup holders, I designed a table that also locks into the Tacoma Bedrail!

NOTE: There is a hinged non-hinged version, as well as 2 different table sizes.

Let me know if you have any questions!

-Matt @GPC


Wow, looks amazing. Just ordered. This will be perfect for cabana mode.


I was thinking of something like this to mount my goal zero 1000x to using jddesigns goal zero mount plate…. You think it’s possible with one of these?

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I’m a fan of the table do you think they would work for a v1…this is my current sink system I kinda like the idea of just being able to pop it up, instead of a table just cutting a hole to fit the sink…

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Definitely works with the V1! If you’d like, I could order and mount one of those collapsible sinks instead of the table top?

As a permanent mount?

Thank you for the order!! I’ll get it shipped ASAP :metal:

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Ya that would be awesome if you could do that …I definitely would like to go that route with my sink set up.

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I’ll send you a DM