Tacoma 2008 Gen 2 need help

I got question hope to find some answer. I am planning to buy gfc v1 tonight from local. Currently it sitting on top of a 2018 4runner and I owns a 2008 double cab Tacoma. Does anyone know if they have aftermarket bed rack for me to put the GFC on my Tacoma? Thank u in advance for your help.

If you’re referring to the GFC V1 as the RTT, then yes you will need a bed rack or camper shell for the tent to mount to. GFC doesn’t make bed racks, but there are many who have mounted them to a leitner rack, fiberglass/steel shell, etc.

Thanks for replying. I was planning to get after market truck bed rack for my tacoma for the RTT sit on top. Do you have a specific brand you like??

Keep in mind of the GFC RTT’s length when choosing a bed rack. Either height will work, but a mid height rack will result in the GFC overhanging past the tailgate since it’s likely longer than your Tacoma bed and a full height rack will allow it to hang over the cab.

For a bed rack that works well and looks great with GFC RTT, I’d personally go with a Leitner rack


Do I need a Mounting kit from GFC or mounting kit from Leitner if I decide to go with Leitner? Thanks

Best to ask GFC support what your best option would be