Tacoma 3rd Gen DCLB v2 trade for 1st gen and v1?

I have a V2 camper that I picked up in February 2021 on a 3rd gen double cab 6’ bed tacoma. #1104 It is black with the dark color tent fabric, both side doors, and both windows. The camper is essentially brand new with 4 nights and I love it, but I am thinking about getting ahold of a 1st gen tacoma and selling my 3rd Gen. The changes and upgrades made to the v2 really aren’t all that important to me, I just want to have a camper on my truck. Anybody want to trade their v1 for my v2?

Option 1: trade my v2 camper for your v1 camper:

  • I will likely ask for some cash on top just because of how brand spankin new this thing is (depends on the condition of your camper)
  • Tent side doors and front/back windows is a must
  • Open to any color, preferably black

Option 2: trade my truck & camper for your truck & camper
Set up im looking for:

  • 5 speed manual 4x4 1st gen taco with camper already installed.

My truck:

  • 2018 TRD off road 4x4 with 43,000 miles. Message me for more info

Located in central Oregon and willing to travel to meet anywhere I can make it to and from in a weekend.

****If you have a 1st gen tacoma with a GFC and want to upgrade to a 3rd gen with v2 GFC maybe we can make a deal!


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@crazyfingers this guy wants to trade his V2 for your V1

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@1515 any chance you’d be willing to sell the whole rig?

I sent you a message