Tacoma 5’ nearing completion for sale $6500

I have a camper nearing completion (they’re installing the soft goods this week). It’s spec’d with black exterior - gray support bars, no windows, support brackets for round rooftop crossbars, and it’s sized for my 2017 Tacoma 5’ bed. You can have this for $6500 and little waiting period -build 1071. I’m not sure exactly how we can go about swapping the sale but I realize it’s been done before…if you’re serious… please reply.

Hey can you send me an email darkkstar1500@gmail.com

Hi, very serious about your offer. What is the estimated completion date? We have a 2018 Tacoma 5’ bed double cab. Feel free to email: f.holtzclaw@gmail.com. Thanks!

Here’s the email, copy and pasted, I received this morning it’s status. It should be available very soon.


Taylor here at GFC. Your camper’s about to go soft on you. Real soft… Which is good if you like sleep.

Your camper has finished curing, and we’re getting to work installing your soft goods like the tent and mattress. When that’s done, we’ll perform a rigorous QC inspection, and if no issues are found, we’ll mark your GFC as Complete.

That’s when our installation department will contact you to arrange delivery.

You’re almost there!

*Please note: We cannot schedule any installs prior to your GFC being marked as “Complete” on the Production Schedule.
Taylor Wallace
Team GFC

Hey Don,

I’m very serious about picking this up, should work great for my Tacoma. Is this still available?



Hello! Is this still available? If so I am very interested, and have the funds on hand already. Please email me at pmpruden16@gmail.com if the camper is still for sale.

Paul Pruden