Tacoma bed molle panel compatible with GFC?

Looking to see if anyone has experience using bed molle panels with the GFC. I’m worried about the panels being compatible with the anchoring points for the GFC. Something like below:

Not sure if you gotten an answer yet but I just tried. The gfc anchor brackets are definitely on the way. I thought about cutting the panels to fit under the anchor brackets but instead I end up putting in a metal plate “spacer” between the bed rails and gfc anchor brackets. As long as the spacers you use are thicker than the 12 gauge steel (or 7/64 in) of the Cali-raised Molle panels, it should work. That way, the anchor brackets doesn’t press on the Molle panels. The anchor bracket bolts provided by gfc are plenty long enough that you’ll still have a few threads sticking out from the bed rail t-nuts.

I have the ragofab long bed front molle panel, but obv no interference with the GFC

Were you able to install your Molle panels?

No I decided to go with BuiltRight industries’ molle panels instead. They fit perfectly under the camper’s mount brackets.



Cool, thanks! Have any photos of your set up?

Sure thing. The maxtrax usually covers the left side but it works for me. I’ll mount it up top one day


Looks rad - thank you!

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Do you notice the smell of fuel at all when in the camper? I don’t have any way of mounting extra fuel outside my camper currently and would be need to carry it inside the camper. I am on the fence about having a fuel can inside the camper.

My bad super late reply lol but no smell from the fuel tank. The only time i ever smell it is when i recently drain/refill the tank, likely from the minor fuel spillage residue. But it goes away after a few days

Hello! new member to the GFC world and I am looking to add the builtright panels into my bed as well. Did you have to remove any of the gfc mounts to install? Just trying to get an idea of what I’m getting myself into.

I too am looking to install the same build right molle bed panels. I recently gotten the new GFC camper installed. I noticed the mounts for the frame will be in the way of removing the bed rails since those molle bed panels mounts underneath. Unlike other brands like other brands like Cali raised which mounts using the inside tracks of the rails. Pls advise thanks!

So no modifications, they fit under the gfc?

BuiltRight Tacoma panels fit with the GFC. But you will have to loosen the camper clamps to install them.

I have a 3rd gen DCLB Tacoma. I really wanted side molle panels that went the full length. I had a lot of trouble finding any. I finally found and got these cheap ones on amazon
They could be lighter but they did fit. I did mont the panels between the GFC attach point and the bed rails. I used a few washers on the back end to get the fit right.
Haven’t utilized them very much yet though