Tacoma bed molle panel compatible with GFC?

Looking to see if anyone has experience using bed molle panels with the GFC. I’m worried about the panels being compatible with the anchoring points for the GFC. Something like below:

Not sure if you gotten an answer yet but I just tried. The gfc anchor brackets are definitely on the way. I thought about cutting the panels to fit under the anchor brackets but instead I end up putting in a metal plate “spacer” between the bed rails and gfc anchor brackets. As long as the spacers you use are thicker than the 12 gauge steel (or 7/64 in) of the Cali-raised Molle panels, it should work. That way, the anchor brackets doesn’t press on the Molle panels. The anchor bracket bolts provided by gfc are plenty long enough that you’ll still have a few threads sticking out from the bed rail t-nuts.

I have the ragofab long bed front molle panel, but obv no interference with the GFC