Tacoma camper build

A place to sit and work or lounge (with just barely enough headroom under the RTT). Storage under half the cushioned bench. The other half holds the electrical gear: inverter/charger, LiFePO4 battery, and Renogy DCC30S. AC outlet, USB/12V outlets, light switches, and battery isolation switch located under the bench on the driver side in a custom control panel. ARB 47 qt. fridge on 26" lock-in/lock-out slides. You can access the fridge from inside the camper by popping the rear camper hatch and sliding the upper drawer out. Full-extension kitchen counter on 32" slides with drop-in sink cutout. 28" counter extension below the kitchen counter. Deep full-extension drawer above fridge accessible from outside the truck. Storage cubbies behind the fridge. Lagun table. Pressurized 22 liter PVC (6") water tank with hose and sprayer (no pump). Room for Mr. Heater/Buddy propane heater behind the cabinet. Check us out at www.Van-Mod.net and www.Bronc-Mod.net. Go fast or stay home.


And it comes complete with a hipster! Love it. Great layout, this is the funnest part!


And the hipster is included absolutely free!

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Sans hipster.

Hipster is back. I like how the tailgate can be used for outdoor cooking. With the inverter, an induction cooktop can be used to keep things low impact and easy. There is space on the driver side of the cabinet to run a power cord to the AC outlet. Also space there to store a folding outdoor table, cutting board, and folding drying rack.


Just watched a walk around review vid for the Camper/RTT and it appears that the rear edge of the stacked RTT mattress cushions is far enough forward to allow really good headroom for the interior bench seat. I have it at 12" off the bed floor, but might be able to bump up to 14" to make the bench more comfortable, make the Lagun table easier to work at, and to increase storage volume under the cushions.

Just for fun I threw on an Alu-Cab Shadow 270 and an imported Taco profile image for scale reference. I also shifted the fridge cabinet over 2.5" to clear the wheel well cover (finally got an accurate dimension) and added a custom hose bin to hold air and water sprayer hoses as well as an induction cooktop. Easy enough to pile camp chair bags on top between the cabinet and the bed wall.

The hipster looks pretty happy under that awning.

Might be a good idea to line that storage bin with automotive carpet to keep things from rattling around in there. :slight_smile:

We decided to rebrand our 4x4 site and feature our design for the GFC Tacoma build. Check it out: www.4WD-Mod.com.

I like this website. Your layouts of the camper build is amazing :slight_smile:

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Making progress on the GFC Camper Mod. The cabinet is designed around the ARB Zero 47 which, while pricey, is a great fridge. The fridge tray as designed will hold the Iceco VL45ProS which is considerably less expensive than the ARB, has slightly more volume (one more liter), and has a Secop compressor. It’s a great fridge for the money.

Section view through the cabinet. Note how the fridge tray extends forward to allow the fridge lid to open completely. Slot at the bottom in back is for the fridge power supply. We can put a panel on the top of the cabinet if someone wants to use it as a standing height countertop/desk. Also the top drawer can be reoriented to open sideways into the camper instead of out the back.

The short bed version has a shorter cabinet (33” instead of 36”), reduces the outdoor kitchen length by 2”, uses the cabinet cubby for table storage, and moves the Lagun table mounting bracket to the side. Fridge and drawer dimensions stay the same as the long bed version.

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@cvollers do you have pictures of how it looks? Have you done an install in yours or another gfc?

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I don’t as I don’t own a GFC…yet. And no orders for the fridge cabinet…yet. Plenty of examples of our work for vans here: www.Van-Mod.net.

Not a cabinet for a truck, this latest build is going in a Storyteller camper van. That said, the method of construction is the same as is the idea of using full-extension heavy-duty slides to make an outdoor kitchen. Here’s the vid: 20230325_191057000_iOS.MOV