Tacoma G3 6'ft bed New GFC available immediately

A Brand New GFC for Tacoma Gen3 with a 6ft bed. Available for install on April 24th onwards.
I purchased the camper and can no longer use it. I am happy to hand the $500 deposit to you as a discount.

Skip the line, get an amazing camper, save $500!!


02/21/2022 Standard Camper Payment $7,700.00
02/21/2022 Black Panels

02/21/2022 No Windows
02/21/2022 Tangerine Dream Tent Fabric

02/21/2022 Double Side Doors (Tent) $525.00
02/21/2022 2 Beef Bars (STD) $398.00
02/21/2022 Fulfillment Option Install $175.00
SUBTOTAL $8,798.00
DISCOUNT -500.00
TOTAL $8,298.00
PAYMENT $8,298.00

Still available? I would be happy to chat.

Yes indeed. One chap is interested but hasn’t bought it yet.

Is this still available?

It is indeed. I have a couple of interested people but nothing finalized.

If you want to chat details, please feel free to call or text.

(949) 514-2736