Tacoma Interior Camper Buildout with 1/2 Decked System

Hey guys, first post here. My name is Grant Willbanks. I recently got my GFC used from my buddy, @GFC_Thomas. Wanted to share my interior camper build. I have a full detailed video here you can watch.

Instagram: @grizzy.gram
YouTube: Arkansas Offroad

I’d post more photos, but since I’m a new user, I can only upload 1. The base of the build centers around my Decked system and how I modified it to work perfectly with the camper. Again, if you watch my video you can get more detail, but basically I cut out the useless skinny driver’s side drawer. To my knowledge, I was the first person to ever do this to a Decked system. My truck was in the Backwoods Adventure Mods/GFC booth at Expo West and the Decked dudes loved it. Pretty funny.

I didn’t just cut the drawer system perfectly in half, because I wanted to retain some shelving as well as rigidity to the rest of the system. Basically, I wanted to create a walkway that gave me more space to get in and out of the camper. The Decked system is basically a foot tall, and squeezing into the camper would have been tough with that still in place. I removed the driver side of the Decked, marked and cut the floor to my liking while retaining the ammo can and some space by the cab, and I also shaved down some of the plastic inner structure to give me more room since a drawer wasn’t needed anymore. Finally I finished the edges with some angled aluminum. For the floor, I cut out a 3/4" piece of plywood and used spray adhesive to glue some rubber coin flooring to it. Makes for a nice floor to stand on barefoot and is easy to wipe out and clean. I actually gained usable storage by removing this drawer. Love it. The little “shelf” area gives me enough room to sit inside the camper and make coffee or get dressed easily. I’ve made quick dinners while inside the camper when it’s super cold out or early in the morning. Also makes it nice to be able to pee without having to go outside and get cold, lol. I’ll be releasing a video soon on my channel (Part 2 of a Colorado trip) that shows me using the camper a little more.

I have my Dometic CFX 45 fridge bolted to the passenger side floor of the Decked on a tilting Alucab slide. Works like a charm. Behind that, I keep a large Zarges box that I can easily strap down and remove for my step. I have a Goose Gear top plate on the box for added traction and strength. That’s my stool to get in and out of the camper, plus it stores my stove and all dry food. For my batteries I run the EcoFlow River Pro and optional Extra Battery. 1440 watts of power that I have connected to a Sunflare 126w panel on the roof of the camper. It’s adhered with 3M tape. By removing the drawer, I was able to perfectly fit my extra battery in the dead space behind where the drawer used to be. Win. I also have a propane tank mounted on a Quik Fist mount. The molle panel I had made as a one off. In my ammo can I have an onboard air compressor hooked up to the Faster Flate system (also have a separate video on my channel about it). I have air chucks running to both sides of the camper mounted on the bed rails. For the tailgate, I’m running an Al Offroad tailgate insert. This has actual usable cup holders and is way less slick than the plastic Mountain Hatches. The strap bolted to the tailgate is so I can close up the camper when I’m inside it. I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of stuff, but a lot is explained in the photos.

I have since changed the setup slightly, relocating the propane and having a more open walkway. It’s perfect for my needs, and I’m super stoked on it. I’ll post updated setup photos in here when things change…again. Lol.


Nice build :+1: and clever use of the Decked.

I had seen your first video a while back since I like to periodically search “GFC” on YouTube to see what the growing owner community is getting up to.

What is the purpose of the four pieces of foam (I think) on the rear frame of your camper?

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Congrats bro! Awesome build, looks rad. I’ve watched some of your YouTube videos and you have some great content! I’ve recently created an IG @enduro_woods_rider where I am documenting my buildout as well.


Right on, thanks dude! Your build is so sick man!

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Thanks! Those are velcro straps that hold the frame bags in place.

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Wish I could upload more photos! Anyone know how I can? I’m limited because I just joined the forum I guess.

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For now you can upload one photo per reply to this thread. Not sure when that changes to allowing more.

I was in your shoes a couple months ago when I joined this forum. My first post was my MotoTruck Buildout thread, I posted quite a few pictures, and was able to do it via one photo per reply. Hope this helps

Here’s some updated camper photos. You can see more of the coin flooring here.


Zarges box mounted with L-Track. My step & food/stove storage.

Passenger side frame bag with my Faster Flate air hose. (2-way)

Driver side frame bag with other 2 way hose and shower/water hoses.


Battery system & propane mounted.


Looks rad bro… What brand/ model frame bags are those?

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Those were from a dude who works at GFC. My buddy Thomas got them for me. @GFC_Thomas

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Great build! Do you have more info on the solar system setup? I’m working through panel/charging system, batteries, and charging port layout. Do you also have it tied into the alternator or shore power for charging? Also, what advantage of the Alu slide for the fridge v. the Dometic slide? TIA

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Thanks! Solar is a Sunflare 126w panel stuck on with 3M adhesive. It’s ran down to my EcoFlow River pro and River Pro extra battery. I have a solar setup on my hood, but that powers my starter battery. 2 separate systems. Don’t have a true dual battery. This is simpler and removable. Alucab fridge slide tilts down while the dometic doesn’t. If it didn’t tilt, I couldn’t reach or see inside because it’s already on top of the Decked system. It’s too tall. It was one of the only tilting slides I could find at the time. I love it.

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Great looking build. Been following your IG and youtube for a while now. Love how you modified the deck’d system. Simple and looks really clean and is super practical for your setup. I’m going with an 80/20 buildout and love seeing everyone’s ideas to crowdsource them for myself.

Stay rad…

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