Tacoma leveling kit

I am getting a new 2021 Tacoma and I am scheduled to get GFC camper this summer. I am planning on putting a leveling kit on the Tacoma so I can fit larger all-terrain tires on it. The leveling kit will raise the front 2 inches. Does anyone have a recommendation on how much to raise the rear? Does the standard GFC camper cause the rear to ride lower?

Are you planning on putting a block/spacer lift to level that out?

I did a 3 in the front 2 and the back when I first got my truck, and that allowed me to run 285-70-17’s but I would not recommend going that route… it rode bad and was purely for looks… plus the GFC made the back sag over time and it didn’t look that great…

I now have a new suspension and leaf pack on 265-70-17’s and it is a huge difference on the truck with my GFC.

I would wait on suspension changes for now. Get your GFC first, then decide on what you need. Once you know the amount of sag in the stock leaf springs from the camper, you can make your suspension decisions. You may need to get a new rear leaf pack. If so, medium or heavy duty depending on what you think your bed load will be. You may be able to get away with an add a leaf or running the stock leaf springs. That’s for you to decide. Then is the time to decide on what you need up front. You may want to make some changes or may be able to leave the stock front intact. I wouldn’t make changes too soon.

I generally run a light load. I did dakar medium leaf pack and Bilstein 5100s up front. I retained the stock front springs and UCAs. I went with cooper s/t maxx 265/75/16 off road tires. Not massively oversized, but aggressive. It has been great. No complaints. I have a V1. A V2 will be lighter.


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Yeah get some big tires! I recommend Deaver leaf stage 2 or 3.

There has been multiple discussions on the forum about what is needed for suspension or lift for addressing the added weight of the GFC on a Tacoma. I think it is unanimous, or close to, that leveling kits, etc are just a bandaid that will need to be fixed later to level out the truck properly with added weight.