Tacoma Long Bed 2nd/3rd Gen Goose Gear interior build

I have a GG interior build for sale

It is only letting me post 1 pic so hit me up for more

5800 - GG build w/ HS2000 heater and front runner water tank w/ pump
+800 for Spod bantam w/ touchscreen
+450 for weboost OTR
+800 for domestic CFX3 45 w/ cover

Or 7500 for everything

Everything is located in Bend, OR

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oh man… if you were on the east coast, I would totally take all of that off your hands!

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Thanks for the reminder. I wrote the ad on my phone so its not that detailed. The build is for a long bed tacoma. It will fit either the second or third gen Tacoma.

the build was in a Vagabond drifter. ill measure to verify fitment in the GFC but i can always shorten the tall cabinet if the GFC hatch is too angled

did you know the 3rd gen Tacoma beds are 1" taller than 2nd gens? might want to confirm that also when youre measuring

Thanks for the heads ups.

Jeez gg as much as I got my camper for. If it wasn’t so much I would take it

no joke! its definitely an expensive piece of hardware. not that it changes anything but this also includes a $1000 propex heater and high quality water system buuuut its still spensive

If you can come down on that price I’d consider. You have to drill a hole into the side of bed for that heater?

I’d swap you cubby holes. Shoot me a text at 503.608.8768 and let’s chat

price drop. 5k for the build or 5.8k for the build w/ an integrated Spod w/ touchscreen and associated wiring and disconnect.

spod + wiring was 1k
HS2000 was 1k
water system 400

just hoping to move this out of my garage. 5k takes the whole set up

original price was
5600 - Goose gear + 1k for install/tax
1000 - HS2000 propex
1000 - SPod controller w/ touchscreen
400- frontrunner water system
500+ random parts for custom install

I just did some GG furniture shopping on a local outfitter’s site…ouchy those prices are high for something built out of 80/20.

4K takes the entire setup

Still available! Come grab it