Tacoma wheel fitment advice

Hey guys, not strictly GFC related but you Tacoma guys might be able to help me out.

I ordered some KMC wheels for the truck (km718 summit) Tire shop says they don’t fit on the hub but I’m having a hard time understanding why not.

I have a gen 2 Tacoma, 6 lug 4 wheel drive. The wheels are 16”, 0 offset, 106.1 bore, 6x139.7 bolt pattern. The new snow tires I’m putting on them are 265/75/16, so a modest upsize but I was looking for the 0 offset to give a little extra clearance, especially until I install my lift that’s sitting in the garage.

I have seen plenty of tacomas with this wheel on TW. I bought the wheels on a reputable site, tire rack, and the site confirmed fit.

I did a lot of research before making the purchase and these stats are what I have seen everywhere for the gen 2+3 tacomas. Also, the wheels came with a hard white ring in the box, can’t tell what it’s made of but I had not seen or hear of it before. What is the white ring for?

Tire shop is telling me the offset is the reason the wheel supposedly wont fit over the hub. I understand what offset is, and there are tacomas all over with offsets of 0, -10, -30 and beyond, so how can that be the issue. In my limited understanding, wouldn’t the hub bore be the reason the wheel wont fit on the hub?

I know there are many variables here, but this isn’t adding up. Also, I don’t see a possibility that the wrong wheels were shipped. The 718 summit is not made in many variants, and the 16x8 6x139.7 is only made in 1 bore, 106.1 for the Toyota fitment.

Any help would be much appreciated. I’m in AK and return shipping will be hell.

Not uncommon with Tacomas. I’m assuming the wheel doesn’t fit over the hub due to the tacoma hub being larger than the wheel bore? If it’s the other way around, you can use hubcentric rings to get proper fitment. There’s a common issue too with 16in wheels not fitting over the brake calipers, but I’m assuming that would be more obvious with your tire shop guys.

Anyways, if the Tacoma hubs are too large, the a possibility is that the powdercoat/paint on the wheels are too thick and might need to be shaved down, however, that only applies if the difference is within a few mm. If it’s way off, then then KMC’s “compatibility” might be incorrect and you should be able to return them with them paying for return shipping.

Also wanted to add that there’s alot of info on TW regarding incompatibility with Tacos and 16" wheels.

I think they should fit. Unless they are 16x9.5" and 0 offset.

The offset means the face of where the wheel mounts to the hub in relation to the width of the wheel. (Not sure if that makes sense) but heres a picture explaining better than me:


Yeah, this is how I understand offset as well. The wheels are 16x8, so there should be no width issues. I just got back from a second shop who confirmed that they do not fit. The issue is the fact that the hub bore tapers down. Apparently although the wheel stats line up, the shape of KMC’s hub bores do not sit well on toyotas. The second shop was much better, and were able to explain this, instead of blaming it on the offset which of course is not the issue here. Manager said that he has stopped carrying KMC wheels because of the issues with fitment. So in the end I was correct, and on paper this wheel should fit well, but the KMC fitment guide is wrong, and so is the tire rack guide. I expect that tire rack is only wrong about the fitment because they’re trusting KMC, and they should work with me on this. Their customer service has been good so far.

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Yeah, the hub is larger than the wheel bore. Even though the tacoma hub is 106.1mm and so is the wheel bore, the wheel bore is tapered. I guess this wheel must have been designed for a vehicle where the hub sits flush, rather than sticking out a bit like the tacoma. Regardless, I am a little disappointed that neither KMC nor Tire Rack seem to be aware of this issue. The Tacoma is one of the most often modified vehicles out there. I would expect them to have run into this before.

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That’s such a bummer! New wheels and tires should be so exciting.:confused:
Let us know how things go with tire rack.

Yeah, I was pretty stoked to get rid of the 15 year old rusty oem steelies. At least I have the studs on now, we got a couple feet of snow earlier this week and are forecast for 15" more this weekend.

I’m really crossing my fingers for tire rack to handle it well. I was absolutely blown away at their service when I ordered them. I ordered them on Tuesday of thanksgiving week, they shipped that afternoon, and arrived on black friday. 3 day shipping to Alaska over thanksgiving no less, and for only $80 total? That was far and away the most impressed I have ever been after ordering something online. So here’s hoping they can sort this out quickly and send me a new set of wheels, and I can continue to sing their praises.