Tailgate Covers

What Tailgate overs have ya’ll used? I’m looking at swapping out the ridged tailgate cover on my 2005 Tacoma with something like one of these and debating which is the best option or if I should just make my own out of diamond plate:

Toyota Tacoma Trailgate Panel – AL Offroad (aloffroadusa.com)


BillieBars Tacoma Tailgate Cover (2005-2022) — Tacoma Lifestyle

Any input/experience is appreciated!


I enjoy my Mountain Hatch. They also offer discount for select individuals.


I have AL Offroad…… no issues with mine

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I made my own from 6061 1/8" aluminum.

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SnailArmor and happy with it.

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I bought mine on eBay. I think @the_philxx recomended it? Could be wrong but it solid, works great and much less than the ones you listed. I’m completely satisfied with it.


Thanks for the input everyone. I’ve decided to go with the SnailArmor, seems like you can’t go wrong.



I went with snail armor and it’s been perfect

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@mjb11mjb the beauty of the mountain hatch over these is that it raises the platform so the bolts are “recessed” - leaving you with an overall larger platform (this includes being the same high as the edge of the tailgate itself) so a bit harder to spill things when putting them down


Anyone have experience with the PAKRAX tailgate panel?

My tailgate cover is being a stock F150 with cup holders, screw trays, clamp points, iPad holder… :laughing:

But in my Ram, I had a Bed Rug installed, and that was so much nicer on my knees. I be getting a Bed Rug for the Ford this spring, and will put it under the tailgate cover, because I do like that functionality the plastic tailgate cover has when I am camping, and that I can spill dishwater on it with no worries. But hopefully the Bed Rug under it will help on my middle-aged knees!