Tailgate Ladder? -How do you get into your GFC?

Do the legs on the ladder adjust for unlevel ground or is that an illusion? I like how the GFC lip overlap allows play for uneven surfaces.

I have a Ram 2500 and use the amp bumper step.



If you stick to mild roads/trails, I think that bumper step would be great. Unfortunately I’ve seen it ripped off another truck when running Poison Spider in Moab.

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The one you saw probably wasn’t the Amp step. It’s bolted directly into the frame with grade 8 hardware. Not saying its not possible, but that would be quite the hit and id be worried about more than the step. When retracted it hangs about as low as the tailpipe on my tacoma.

Yea, perhaps it wasn’t ripped completely off (I can’t recall) but it was definitely damaged. It may have been the MOPAR step, I’m not sure.

Personally, I’ve banged up and bent that same corner of my bumper, so at least for me, I know that step wouldn’t work. I plan to cut the bed fenders, and get a mercenary offroad high clearance bumper, once I can afford it.

I’ve banged up my exhaust tail pipe a bit too, and plan to cut it to get it out of the way; I’ve also seen that get smashed nearly closed and need to be cut off on the trial, on another PW.

So, I might not be the typical owner, but I bought the PW and GFC so I can pretend it’s a full-size Wrangler… and because of the length of the truck, the factory approach/departure angles can get be the first things to get in the way.

If the truck is more of a strictly overland/camping vehicle, then I think that step would be perfect. Doesn’t take up bed space, and always there when you need it.


100% same intentions with the PW + GFC combo. I have been wheeling a pretty built TJ for the last 10 years. I’ve had my PW less than a year and have already hit the exhaust a few times and nearly drug off the rear parking sensors off the bumper.

Same concern with the amp step. They look great, but I don’t want to give up any additional departure.

Yup, I damaged my rear sensors on the trail as well, and then properly removed them afterwards. Those were the first things to go. No idea why they put them in that location on these 5th gens. I think they are higher and integrated into the bumper on previous years.

Don’t mean to hijack this thread, though…

I built a slider for my hitch which helps keep in most situations from damaging the sensors and acts a step when the tailgate is up. Does no good when tailgate is down tho. it is pressed flat against the bottom of the receiver so no real loss of ground clearance. It is 1/4" plate so takes a pounding and easy to touch up with spray paint.


Yea, I mean… that definitely wouldn’t hurt, and the hitch itself does a pretty good job of that already… but even still, the corners are left unprotected, so depending on the angle, that may not help. I’ve had cases where my hitch dragged, and prevented anything else from hitting… and cases where, due to the obstacle/angle/etc. the hitch did not hit, but my bumper corners did.

That might double as a nice step to open the tent, though… and then, if you use a ladder to get in once open, no problem about it not helping with the tailgate open.

I was concerned about this too and got a pelican case I intended to use for a step. My wife jampacked the bed so full of crap, however, that a human person could not possibly enter the bed for any reason. Luckily I can reach pretty much everything from around the sides, though I’m really looking forward to camping alone :slight_smile:

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Shhhh - she can hear you type that lol - you aren’t supposed to voice that - even here :slight_smile:

Dammit! She’ll never let me go anywhere again! :sob:


Is that a custom paint job on your camper?


GFC used to offer custom powder coating on the V1’s for a extra charge. In my opinion it was well worth every penny of it. Which is sad they don’t have that option with the V2. Which is why I won’t buy a V2. Now if they did offer it I’d be all over it. I just don’t think any of the colors now will go good with my truck in my opinion.

:+1: thanks for responding and the info. I hope they make the quick sand color an option soon. I’ll drop them an email with that suggestion.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that anytime soon. A lot of people have asked GFC to start doing custom colors again, but they prefer not to. Me personally I’d be more than happy to wait the extra time to get a custom color. Like I said in my previous post until then I will be sticking with my V1.

the reason behind a limited color selection is to keep price down over all. Check out how much other brands have raised prices in the past year. GFC is the lowest price by couple $K

For people like myself that want a custom color that they feel looks better on their truckare willing to wait and pay the price. The price isn’t a issue for someone that wants a custom option. If price is a issue then you don’t have to take the custom option. Take one of the premium options or the standard. When someone is looking for a custom color they do realize already that it’s gonna be more expensive and the wait time is going to be longer just like with anything that’s custom. When I did my custom color for my V1 I was told it was gonna be a extra 4 to 6 week wait. Which I was OK with because it was a color I wanted that matched my truck. And I’m sure other people that want the option are willing to wait and pay for it just like they did with the V1.

why not just wrap it? I am actually waiting on two bids from two different wrap places of course they are painfully slow getting back. getting these two designs bid out. currently it is black.


let us know what they quote you!

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