Tailgate Lock Using Total Chaos Stiffeners

After looking at locking options I went with a bolt. About as convenient as you could ask for if you’re running Total Chaos tailgate stiffeners. Pop off the back panes, bolt them on and voila. Obviously not perfect but more secure than the S@#$@# locks on the camper.

The bolt on the ones I bought can be removed if banging around too much or ya. Not pictured is also a super heavy duty chain and some disc locks I run through the bikes and also lock up to the bed stiffeners. They’re a regular locking system.



I bought a (for Toyota Tacoma) replacement handle for the lift gate (gen 2 doesn’t come keyed) and added power locks to the lift gate. This looks cheaper and easier

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Yeah this is on a Gen 2 as well. I just read some bad reviews about the handle options so went this direction. I think I paid $16 for the bolts at Ace and swapped out the Zinc screws for some SS bolts. Obviously not bullet proof but I figure almost any locking system is kind of a joke with battery powered angle grinders on the loose and those impenetrable aforementioned factory installed locks GFC has on there. Camper is great…no clue what they were thinking with those locks. Last guy had basically shredded one of them and it’s pretty obvious why, can’t blame him really. Crapola.


handle works… and took a couple hours to fully install with wiring… but it is really loud compared to other locks and i have to regularly open the lift gate and lubricate the mechanism as it is just metal on metal and has seized up on me a couple times since i installed it 2 years ago.

would i recommend it? nope.

So if I understand correctly you’ve just bolted tot he tailgate liner? I’m going to do the same thing as I’ve got the stiffeners. I appreciated any advice/feedback on how you did this!

That’s exactly what I did. The only advice I have is I I got the locks from ACE and while I’m not sure I love the finish I do like that they slide out entirely so when I’m not using them they live in the truck and aren’t in the way. The other thing is the screws that attach the tailgate strips out really easily so use a light touch when reattaching. Otherwise I think it’s a really good workaround to what seems like a ubiquitous problem. The reviews on the aftermarket handles are pretty bad.

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