Tailgate seal failed

Hey all,

Looking for some advice…

The rubber seal on the bottom of the rear panel- the portion the seals onto the tailgate has come off.

There is almost a clasping on the inside that is completely rusted out.

Has anyone encountered this? If so, how did you fix it?

I am thinking of removing all of the metal clasps and then just using silicone to to stick it back on the rear panel.



I did that the other day. Ripped out the metal clasps and used the glue left over for the embassy hinge. Just did a bead on either side of panel and put it back on. Held thru the rain this weekend.

They sell a replacement one on GFC site but I couldn’t search for it. Just saw it at the bottom of the page as a suggestion.

Someone also posted in here that you can get a cheaper one on recpro.com

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I emailed GFC warranty for this same concern. The metal clamp in mine rusted through and no longer could hold up. They took care of that part for me. I would recommend emailing them about this and they should send you a new one. There’s really no fixing it and replacement is the way.

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I emailed GFC and they sent me a replacement. I then used some silicone sealant along the edge to prevent getting rusted clips/any water intrusion along that outer edge and its been great since.

Mine rusted out as well. GFC sent me another last summer.

I received a warranty replacement and I sprayed some fluid film or equivalent into the slot to try and coat the entire metal strip.

I just noticed that one side of mine is now loose and sliding off. Is the only thing holding it on just a friction fit into that metal clip on the bottom? Maybe there is some rust in there, I didn’t want to pull it completely off while I was out camping. Guess I need to contact GFC about getting a replacement.