Tall people and Sleeping space

On the waiting list for a full size GFC. I’m 6’4” and wondering how well tall folks fit up top. I see some dimensions listed in the website but nothing specific about the actual size of bed, other than “Queen.”

Tall folks (6’4” or so and up) are you able to stretch out up top? I’d be using solo or with my wife/kids who take up a lot less space.

Thanks all, great info here.


I am 6’5", sleep with head away from hinge – I fit ok; if I slide down during the night, feet notice the roof. Solo/diagonal is nirvana.

You can fit no prob with a wife OR a kid. I don’t care how small they are, you are not going to fit (comfortably) with “wife and kids” up top.

edit: I have a regular camper.

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I’m 6’5" in a tacoma, I sleep with my head at the wedge (towards the cab) and my feet will touch the tent a bit, but it hasn’t bothered me yet.

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Regular campers are 50x90 and full size campers are 56x90 so same length and 6" wider sleeping area.

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I’m 6’6” and was given a tour of the standard rooftop tent on a 4-Runner and fit pretty comfortably without a sleeping bag. I assume this is the same length as the standard camper?

I assume so too. I have a standard camper and am 6’5. I fit great. I fit more great if I’m solo and can sleep-sprawl diagonal…as opposed to sharing with my daughter who is like 4 ft tall but insists on (trying) sleep-sprawl diagonal.

Seriously, with a topper, it is more comfortable than my queen size bed at home.

Edit: I see that I already responded in this thread last May.