Tent Back Door Prop Supports - Help

Hey ya’ll I recently received my V2 and was starting the process of figuring out the mods I need to start doing. While I was out last week, one thing I realized that would be nice is a way to prop the door on the tent to circulate more air since I don’t have side doors. I saw this pic and was wondering if anyone else have done this and can recommend the materials and how they did it. I’m leery about cutting into the tent unless there is a good option to ensure grommets won’t tear over time.


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Congratz on the V2! To my knowledge there are two options of doing this. You can either go with GZila who makes the full kit or shittco on instagram. Gzila comes with everything you need out of the box vs shittco you will need to buy the poles sepretly (unless he includes them now??) I went with shittco and am happy with them, however i would have gone with GZila as it comes with everything you need. Both links are below.

EDIT: Looks like both options now come with everything you need out of the box.

Shittco on Instagram


Excellent - Thank you for the information.

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