Tent Canvas for V1 Camper - '15 Tacoma short bed

I have original V1 tent canvas from camper 746. It was installed in July of 2020 on my 2015 Tacoma SB. It has a single rear window and the two side triangle vents.

The tent was only on the camper for 1 year. The following year I was at GFC to get hinges and had a panic/splurge moment where I decided to upgrade my tent to a black one with side doors before a big 2 week trip.

The tent is in excellent condition and is a greenish color. It has been safely stored in my garage since it was removed in 2021.

I’m pretty flexible on price. I’m open to offers, but brand new tent canvas are like $500, so I’d like to get about $250 for it.

I am located in Southern Indiana and have access to some pretty good shipping corporate accounts.

DM if you are interested.


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Interested. You ever sell this?

@Akjoe I still have it