Tent closure bungee?

Has anyone added a bungee to self tuck the tent material while closing? And I am not talking about what they used to have on the interior, I’m talking about the kind you will see on something like an alu-cab, that wraps around the whole tent.


Hi Nat3060 ! No but looks easy enough for a simple mod ,IE utilizing the inner track attaching eyelet hook in a bungee.
Which you’ve probably already thought of.
Was thinking of trying it myself, but I’m pretty much a Fair-weather camper so I hadn’t planned on doing it till this spring. If you come up with something love to see it.


Much like the one they provide at the vent windows I put one from the top of the side windows on the outside with them mostly unzipped so the material lays draped over the bungie prior to closing and it works great!

Don’t have any pictures but I use this type of bungee…

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I have a wedge style pop-up tent that has the bungee all the way around the perimeter. It does a pretty good job of sucking in the fabric when you’re closing up the tent it’s nice because you just flip it down and it fits right into the track on the aluminum frame of my tent, think it’s a great idea. My other pop-up type tent has two interior bungies with clips, they work the same way holding the fabric in when you’re closing up the tent we just take them off when we get in to that tent