Tent elastic strap

Has anyone made something similar to Ali-cabs elastic strap that goes around the tent fabric when closing up draws in the fabric automatically and then locks on the bottom when fully deployed. See below.


I tried something similar using this bungee cord but it wasn’t strong enough to pull the tent material in far enough to matter. Stronger/thicker bungee cord might work better.

I also have this grab-pole that I’ve used by putting one end inside the front hinge and pulling it towards the middle-back of the camper to pull the tent sides in, but it’s kinda overkill since I it isn’t too hard to get things lined up properly just using my arm while standing on my tailgate like the install team instructed me.

I kinda did that with some 550 cord… it kinda worked… my old RTT had a bungee cord to pull everything in that worked better than my 550 cord. I haven’t gotten around to trying with some strong bungee cord