Tent fly cinch

I was recently watching a video showcasing a rooftop tent that had an interesting way of rolling up the rainfly door covers on the tent. There is a cord running from the bottom to top of each side of the rainfly and goes through a grommet to the inside of the tent. On the inside there is a toggle cord lock that you use to pull the cord which then cinches the fly up and out of the way. I was thinking about trying a DIY version of this on my tent and wanted to see if anyone else has done this or has any ideas or concerns with this. :call_me_hand:

That’s cool. One potential problem - the cords might wick water into the tent, past the grommets. This might be minimized/not a worry because they are behind the rain flap.

I can visualize waking up in the morning and pulling on the cords like raising blinds. It would be a really cool experience.

Looks like an iKamper… I miss my iKamper windows for sure. I wish these zipped from the bottom