Tent material V1

I’m starting this topic to generate discussion about the V1 tent material. I’d like to gather feedback on

  1. Tent stowaway. I find it a bit tight, unless I leave one of the square panels off.
  2. Condensation issues. I’ve definitely experienced some.
  3. Durability.
  4. Anything else? Replacement with a later version?


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I agree with @ace7196. It is a bit tighter, but not that huge of a difference to the v2 tent with the side door. Closing up (v2) seems to be a little easier with all panels in because air seems to have more areas to escape from (side door) but the time saved in closing for me is negligible.

Condensation seemed to be a little worse for me in v1 but v1 also seemed to hold heat better, so it is a balance of pros and cons.

I am a little worried about durability. I definitely check and recheck while closing up to ensure that no parts are caught up while closing v2 compared to v1.

I would have been fine with keeping v1 but I really wanted to upgrade to have a side door.


I don’t have any issues with v1. I still have v1 so can’t compare to v2.

Breath ability isn’t great, but I am used to single wall tents. I keep windows open or a fan on when possible. I just deal with condensation when it happens like any other single wall tent.

Any time there is difficulty closing there is a bunch of fabric material near an edge. I just push the fabric bunch to the center and it closes. I always close it with all panels in, side windows usually open all the way.

For my use, I don’t see a need to upgrade. Others wanting a side door or better breath ability may want to upgrade.

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I’m fine with my V1. But like @PNW I really want a side door. I’m on the fence whether or not to drop the coin…

I may just get a ladder and use it on the back of the tent for now.

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I still find closing requires pulling down hard on the top. I end up close one side at a time to manage it. Not sure if this will bring some kind of premature wear or breakage down the line.

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If anyone’s looking to get rid of the V1 tent with out the side doors let me know. I’m looking for one for winter camping as my GFC build has the left and right side door. Thanks Chuck