Tent Pin Hole Issue

I’m GFC #270, picked up my camper on July 10th. Just noticed these pin holes in the tent fabric next to the passenger side vent zipper. I was thinking of using some Tenacious Tape on the inside of the tent before they got bigger. Is there a protocol for this?


Is that from closing the tent with the window open?

Good question, when Graeme installed mine his instructions were to leave the windows open when closing. Another thing I would like to understand if they still advise or not.

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That doesn’t seem possible since the tent is less than a month old and has been opened and closed, I don’t know, maybe 30 times or less. I leave the vents partially open when closing the tent as Stephan suggested.

Thanks for letting us know. Shoot us an email at support@gfcengineering.com. That email will link you up with our tech and warranty support.

I have the same on #261 and think they are from the zipper getting bonded up when closing…
What ever the repair is I’d like to know so they don’t get worse.

I’ll note I am very careful closing the tent up as to avoid any issues but I am figuring this is a pinch situation.

My tent has the same pinhole issue in the same area. IMO a backup fabric layer in stressed areas like the zippers would help. Stitching would help the glue backup layer stick to the tent fabric.

Hey y’all,

First off, thanks for the heads up. That’s definitely something that I want to help out with.These need to be handled on a case by case basis, so send an email over to support@gfcengineering.com and we can take care of you.

For what its worth, if you need to make a spot repair in the field we recommend using Gear Aid seam grip, but like I said we’re here to help y’all out to make sure each camper is meeting the high expectations we hold them to. Please don’t hesistate to contact us.

I’ve got the same issue with #264. Curious how gfc has resolved this with other people.

For those with the mechanical know-how we have recommended the above product to fix small issues. A lot of the issues coming in have clearly been the zipper being closed in the extrusion causing small holes in the tent fabric.Not ALL of the issues brought to us have been but in many photos it has been clearly visible by the outline of the zipper imprinted into the fabric. For anyone who has a similar issue not due to the zipper we take it as a case by case basis and I can either recommend small fixes or you can send your tent back to us, at your leisure and we will repair it! Most things are a simple fix for us and we have no issues repairing a tent that has this issue. Of course we have added much more rigorous Final Quality Control checks recently and we should have no more tents leaving the facility with this issue.

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