Tent saturating

Recently picked up a used GFC camper. Generally it’s awesome, however in the rain it saturates and weeps from the back lower rail? Seems like there isn’t enough tension on this porting of the tent, pics to show issue. Anyone else run into this.

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Is it possible that you need new tent struts?

Don’t think so, I’ll pop it open and see if I can push it any further up, but the rest of the tent is perfectly tight,

Checked that, they seem good, tent won’t push up any further when I apply pressure to the roof.

Same thing happens to mine too. I wish it wasn’t the case…. :man_shrugging:

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I had some issues with a similar problem and was able to get the tent replaced with the newer design under warranty. They have since removed the lower perimeter seam and heat seal the two pieces of the tent together around the bottom perimeter.

Understand that’s probably not an option. What I had done was put a tone of seam sealer on the inside of the tent which solved much of the wicking problem. As to the fabric becoming saturated, I have always used Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof on my tents to refresh the DWR coating. Might be a good option here to help the tent fabric shed water more easily.

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Judging by the zipper pulls and seam, this Camper was probably made at least 2 years ago, meaning you have none of the water intrusion updates unless they were made by the previous owner. I would highly suggest getting those done as what is probably happening is the channel that holds the tent is getting soaked and then water creeps its way up as it saturates the tent fabric. A few little updates should make this thing pretty much brand new. Reach out to customer service, they will help ya out.

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I’ve been having similar problems with mine. But mine is letting water down into the topper part.

You need to remove the lights and reseal the seams

That’s gnarly, don’t have that issue luckily.
For me it’s cus it’s the early gen2, apparently the channel the tent is in is filling up. They recommended adding some shoe goo to stop the saturation and getting the new bolts with drain holes in them.