Tent storage pockets

I recently put these storage pockets on the inside of my tent. Thought I would share.They are held on by adhesive backed velcro. I put one on each side of the tent. So far they work great.
VIVOSUN Elastic Storage Mesh Net,… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RT32PGS?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share




I did the same thing on my V1 tent fabric. Once things heated up during the summer the velcro came unglued. I wonder if the V2 tent fabric works better?

I may have praised these velcro pockets a little too soon. One of the pockets has been coming undone. The other one is still hanging on.

Dang. I like the idea if they held. I thought about adding them to the ceiling instead too.

They are still holding on. If they ever fall off I think I will get some new velcro adhesive that is very sticky and maybe even heat it up and really take my time pushing it against the fabric.

@GFC, @GFC_Taylor, I saw this on YouTube. Do all the rtt’s get storage pockets? Why not for the rest of us?


I added some heavy duty velcro to the inside of the roof panel of the camper and added some blue ridge overland gear velcro pouches. A buddy of mine owns/runs the company and they make super high quality (US made) stuff. https://www.blueridgeoverlandgear.com/

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Yeah I attempted to velcro a pocket on either side of the tent walls on my V1 and as soon as the sun hit the side of the tent in warmer weather the adhesive just melted…it was a a total mess…just lucky it didn’t get all over the bedding…had to throw away both organizers and use goof off to remove the adhesive from the tent sides…took awhile but it all cleaned off and didn’t damage the tent material fortunately. Maybe there’s a better solution to adhere the velcro to the tent/organizer pocket that wouldn’t be susceptible to the heat melt problem? Haven’t figured out anything though, just store my stuff in a ziplock…it’s real classy.

Screen grab of a video…but the pockets CAN be done, unfortunately GFC just doesn’t implement them.

Here is what we ended up doing on the ceiling. My wife sewed pockets that I through bolted and sealed.