Testing the remote work scenario…

I had to make the journey from Williams Lake, BC down to Abbotsford to bring my poor canoe to Western Canoe and Kayak (Clipper) to be repaired. Since starting a new pilot role at work, all I need is my laptop and internet! It took me two days each way as I was in no hurry. But this unit is a game changer, thanks Go Fast! I think Starlink RV is in my very near future :smiley:

The unfortunate wind damage to my precious boat :frowning:

Locked and loaded

First site off Hwy 99

Emory Creek Campground

Overlooking the Fraser canyon

She tight!


Nice pics! I have some questions for you. I have a Ram too (2500) - did you find you needed to upgrade the rear shocks to accommodate the extra weight? Where did you find your bug screens? Thanks!

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Thanks :smiley: So far I haven’t upgraded the rear shocks, but I plan on it as soon as other financial obligations are taken care of or they wear out whichever comes first. I did however put air bags in, and I usually run about 20lbs ‘unloaded’ which means no camping gear. But the platform stays in there with power full time.

Because you have 3/4 ton, you could get away with nothing if you’re just rocking the GFC and an empty box. I would find that highly unlikely, so I would strongly suggest air bags. That way you can adjust the rake of the truck based on weight, even if you upgrade springs and struts.

As for the mosquito screens, the back one is a hardware store Magic Screen cut to size and Velcro’d up. The sides, I taught myself to sew and made them out of a salvaged kitchen tent screen that we were no longer going to use.

You can check out all kinds of the fun things I did to the rig from the get go here:


Where did you get the screen for the tail gate area? looks really clean bro…