Texas GFC Owners

North Austin

I emailed yesterday, let’s see what they say!

No reply. Also, I saw someone in the Whole Foods lot (one of them) with a grey DCLB and grey panels on a V2. Was that anyone on here? Sweet rig.

Let’s plan to get something set up for September?

I think September is do-able. Worse come to worse we could always do something at somewhere like Cabellas and have a meet up and then take over somewhere for a meal.


Northwest Austin

Let’s make this happen! Who’s around next weekend?

This upcoming weekend there is Pistons at the Park on Sunday morning in Austin at Austin’s Park and Pizza. I don’t have my GFC right now though, I’m stuck at work while my other half has my truck and the GFC out in Colorado lol. I will be out there with my 1st Gen 4runner though!

The weekend of the 7th and 8th there is the AVID outdoor expo in Llano at Oxford Ranch… that would be a great place to get everyone together!

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I’ve moved back to UT but someone make this happen! So many GFC’s in Austin alone. See one almost every day.

If anyone knows someone over there who organizes the Avid Outdoor event - the website was hacked and all links lead to malware

Got a Pistons at the Park happening in Austin this Sunday morning. Weather is certainly better for meetups. Anyone interested?

Planning to hit up the Pistons at the Park this weekend

Ironically, probably the one weekend I haven’t gone in 6 months or so lol. Perhaps next month.

I plan on hitting up the meetup at COTA May 12th