Texas GFC Owners

Long shot, but is there anyone in Texas on here? I think I’ve seen two GFCs in the entire state so far. I’m in Austin.

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Hill country

I’m in Dallas

I’m in Austin. I have a white V1 on a Silver Tacoma. I should add @riz_atx also lives in the Austin area.

Cool, if you guys want we could do a little get-together sometime.

Would love to see a Texas meetup go down! If things get some momentum, we’re happy to help out and promote things a bit.

I’d be down. You thinkin like a camping deal or just a meet and greet?

In this heat, a meet and greet would probably be best. If we wait a few months camping might be an option.

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In Houston, I’m in an orange 3rd gen Tacoma off-road (and of course a gfc…)

I’ve seen only 1 gfc so far. On a black (?) 2nd gen Tacoma at HEB. They might have just been passing through since I have not spotted them again.

Would be down for a camp, especially if we can get a good location!

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Yeah, it’s way hot for camping. What part of town are you in? I’m just south of Pflugerville up North.

I’m in South Lamar or Zilker area

In Buda with a Lunar Rock Tundra and V2. I was at Pikes Peak and missed it but there was a GFC event at Comal Truck last month in New Braunfels
Sorry I missed it. Would like to come to another meet up.

Also in Austin and down for a meet and greet! :metal:t2:
Pretty sure I’ve passed by some of y’all on my way to the mall!

Nice rig! Ummmm when works for everyone? Could we plan for end of August? Sooner? Later? Weekends? Weeknight? Where do y’all usually do meetups? I’ve never been to one

Houston area here. I would be up for a meet and greet!

I might be offloading my camper soon since the family is growing, but we actually just camped down at the beach not too long ago, and it was just bearable enough. About 10 degrees cooler and a huge breeze made all the difference.

Might be cool to see if the GFC location in New Braunfels would host the meet up??

They just hosted a meetup a bit ago. I’d certainly be down for a meet somewhere. Going to be unable to until after Labor day sometime but it could be fun!