Texas Gulf Coast Members?

I have seen a Toyota rolling around the Corpus/Rockport Texas area. They could have been visiting though. Wondering if there any members on the Texas Gulf Coast?

I live in Rockport and have a V1 GFC on my Toyota Tacoma!

Nice! Maybe it was your truck that I saw on 361? I have some rust issues with beef racks and some panel bolts. GFC has hooked me up with the new version endplates and some screws. How’s does your camper do in that salt air?

Your truck looks awesome BTW!

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I’m doing ok with rust so far, but keeping an eye on things. I purchased some drip rails and the washers rusted but switched them out and all good. What set up do you have? Do you live in Rockport? I’ll keep my eyes open for you. We’ve been enjoying the camper at the beach…camping and as a topper!

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I have a 21’ Tundra with a V2. We are building a condo on Key Allegro and will be there as a primary residence in hopefully the next few months. Will be cool to have folks in the area to find new solutions and accessories!

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How do you become a member of this group. I live in Austin and visit corpus and port a often for deep sea fishing at dolphin docks.


Nice!!! We need to do a Port A meetup. I’m having iLeet Wraps, wrap my camper and I have my dash apart for radio, sound system and switch pros. My truck is a mess but I would love to do a meet up closer to end of summer if y’all are down?

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