Thank you (SALE!) from AERONAUT

GFC friends!! :beers:

It’s been a year! We started delivering our first hoverquilts a year ago. You all were our first love, the first folks in the market testing these out. Thank you to GFC for the love and support along the way. And each of you, thank you for your trust in a crazy new brand. Asking the right questions, giving us fun ideas for the future (PS - stay tuned for next year!)

You’ve supported us every step of the way. We really feel like we’re part of the family - this rad GFC community.

As a thank you, snuggle up with our biggest discount ever . . . Add "SLEEPWITHME " at checkout for $70 off a hoverquilt, AND we’ll bundle in aerostraps, aerotoggles, stickers, and 4 killer velcro patches ($40 value).


PS - No massive rush, we know this is a crazy week. This code runs until the end of December. :partying_face:

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Here are the patches, stickers, aerostraps and aerotoggles we’re including with every hoverquilt sale with that code >>



straps X 2

toggles X 4


Just bought this sweet setup last week (Merry Christmas to me) using the “burrito” coupon code. Patches look rad. Any chance the patches are sent out to folks who used the “burrito” code?


Awesome!! Thanks for the love! And absolutely, patches coming to all the burrito folks too :burrito:

Fantastic! Can’t wait to take this quilt for a test drive.

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stoked to get this out to you! I’m finishing up a bunch of straps today (got a ton of orders!) and it’ll ship out today to ya. Sorry for the delay!


Just received the blanket from the sale. Think those straps are going to be delivered before the holidays?

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Awesome!! Thanks so much for the support :call_me_hand: and absolutely, we’ll get those straps out to you before then. They should’ve come with the blanket but I’ll DM you and make sure to expedite your set and make sure nothing else was missing from that bundle. Thanks for the heads up!

Heads up friends, tonight’s the last night to order and get before Christmas (I’m expediting orders tomorrow for free because :kissing_heart:)

Thanks gfc homies for an awesome year!

So stoked for what’s to come in 2023 :eyes:


Just used mine last night! One of my favorite gear purchases this year.


Thanks Josh!! Enjoy the holidays!

I’m very interested in something like this. Sleeping quilts are something I’ve been heavily researching switching into over the last year and I like that this is made to fit the GFC size but when I got to the “Made in China” for $500 it made me stop. I am curious what it would cost if you made these in the USA? Similar 2-person quilts made in the USA and using higher fill power down with a colder temperature rating are selling for just under that price point (e.g. $480 for this Enlightened Equipment Accomplice: Accomplice | Lightweight Two Person Quilt). I get the benefits here of being designed to fit in the GFC (or similar RTT) while that is designed for sleeping pads that are a little different size. So I’m just wondering how much the price would change if you started offering a Made in USA version?

I’m stoked that you’re digging into quilts (so much better than mummy bags!) and have been doing so much research. I love it, and always stoked to nerd out on gear!

Really, really great questions! This kinda got long but here goes:

Why are these things so dang expensive, especially when it’s made in China!?
Having worked for 13+ years in the outdoor industry designing sleeping bags for Marmot, NEMO, etc, I wanted a no compromises product. No more budget driven decisions to cut features. So, we pay quite a bit for the high quality materials, construction technique, and we partner with the best factory and mills to be built to our standards. Out of the dozens of factories I’ve worked with through primo brands, this is the best factory I’ve ever worked with, no matter the product. Awesome quality, well maintained, and best of all they treat their folks well and pay fairly. Luckily we sell mostly direct, so our quilts don’t have to follow the wholesale margins that those other brands require (this thing would likely cost $800+ for them to approve it in the product line)

How much would it cost to be Made in USA?
I’d estimate a Made in the USA version would likely retail for $700-800

As friends of GFC almost since they started, we definitely wanted to be Made in USA, but to accomplish that would’ve taken a heftier investment (millions) to actually get that up and running with our own factory. Soft goods, especially involving down filling and larger products like quilts, is a different beast. Our long term goal is to set up here in the USA as much as we can. For the level of manufacturing technicality quilts require, I haven’t found a factory to approach here. I’ve looked at it and with about 6 - 7$M I can probably set up my own factory. I’ve hunted for partners that can match the quality of our factory we currently work with, but no dice so far – if anyone has connections with potential sleeping bag manufacturing partners in the US, I’d love to chat and see what we can do! :call_me_hand:

Enlightened Equipment comparison:
Enlightened equipment is awesome! I’ve used their goods on backpacking trips, and that’s where they shine. A bit small / tight, but perfect for ultralight adventures. As a direct comparison, ours would be in between their 10-20F, and sized XLong. Our quilt is based on 15F sleeping bag construction. We have a ton of individual 3D baffles to reduce down shifting (increases our cost but worth it). With their quilts you’ve gotta work the down more to prevent cold spots.

Probably too deep but … down is a commodity (bi-product of food) and the pricing is a roller coaster. It’s insane how much it’s increased in the last couple years. I’d be very surprised if EE’s prices don’t go up at least $100 this next year once their raw stock is low - ours was locked in at the higher rate, which is why it had to be so expensive from the start. I was hoping we could be $399, but we decided to start our down blanket business at the worst time in history to start a down blanket company :sweat_smile:

:telephone_receiver: Long reply but I’d also be stoked to jump on a call and chat more, just DM me.


To be honest, I had wondered the same thing, but was shy to ask.
The way in which you responded shows me you do care and are actively reading the market.
I worked as an AMGA guide (mostly in the PNW) for many years so i have seen the gambit of gear and products.
For me personally, this helps to understand your pricing and what your product actually is. :raised_hands:


Thanks for the detailed reply, I really appreciate it and that answers all of my questions. It’s good to see the passion for quality and I can appreciate the difficulty in finding someone that can build your vision to the quality you expect at the price people will pay. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

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Honestly, my down comforter by @AERONAUT is one of my favorite bits of gear on any trip. Everything about it is quality, and it’s so damn easy to use/ put away. Keeps me warm and toasty, and it’s great backup when things dip in temp a bit. Still keep a 0-degree bag on me in the winter months, but this baby is great to put underneath as an extra layer, or drape over yourself (maybe another) to get some extra warmth. Highly recommend one of these baddies. :pinched_fingers:


Straps just showed up in the mail in time for the holiday road trip. Looking forward to testing out the blanket. Thanks again Brandon for getting those out to me.


Thanks everyone! I just love this community and so stoked to be a part of it :pray:

Can’t wait for 2023 and hopefully connect with more folks in person too! Let’s plan some rad adventures and meetups.

@in.the.beantime really happy they got there in time. Enjoy the holidays!


We absolutely love our Aeronaut Hover Quilt!!! The design, materials and construction are best in class!

You get what you pay for with the Aeronaut down blanket.

Happy trails…


My Hoverquilt is now my primary blanket at home and has been used every night since I got it back in August… it’s starting to look a little scruffy and a bit discolored ( I live in a wooden A-frame house in the Colorado mountains) but it still retains heat as much as it did on day one…

Couldn’t be any happier