Thank you (SALE!) from AERONAUT

GFC friends!! :beers:

It’s been a year! We started delivering our first hoverquilts a year ago. You all were our first love, the first folks in the market testing these out. Thank you to GFC for the love and support along the way. And each of you, thank you for your trust in a crazy new brand. Asking the right questions, giving us fun ideas for the future (PS - stay tuned for next year!)

You’ve supported us every step of the way. We really feel like we’re part of the family - this rad GFC community.

As a thank you, snuggle up with our biggest discount ever . . . Add "SLEEPWITHME " at checkout for $70 off a hoverquilt, AND we’ll bundle in aerostraps, aerotoggles, stickers, and 4 killer velcro patches ($40 value).


PS - No massive rush, we know this is a crazy week. This code runs until the end of December. :partying_face:

:fire: :camera: @venturethewild


Here are the patches, stickers, aerostraps and aerotoggles we’re including with every hoverquilt sale with that code >>



straps X 2

toggles X 4


Just bought this sweet setup last week (Merry Christmas to me) using the “burrito” coupon code. Patches look rad. Any chance the patches are sent out to folks who used the “burrito” code?


Awesome!! Thanks for the love! And absolutely, patches coming to all the burrito folks too :burrito:

Fantastic! Can’t wait to take this quilt for a test drive.

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stoked to get this out to you! I’m finishing up a bunch of straps today (got a ton of orders!) and it’ll ship out today to ya. Sorry for the delay!

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