Thanks to everyone

Just wanted to say thanks to a great company and a great community. A lot of great ideas, great help, one of the best forums I have used. I sold my Tacoma and GFC as a turnkey system earlier this year and upgraded to a Tundra. A few months after doing so, got hit by the tech layoff train. After 4 months I landed a consulting gig that has now moved in to a permanent position in an AI startup and pulling the trigger on a new camper. As much as I love the GFC, my financial situation is such that I have a fully kitted Alu-Cab Alu-Cabin on order and will be installed in January.


Glad you are getting a new setup! Sounds awesome!

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Sounds like a great move, Drew! Congrats!!!

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Stoked for your new position and I know you’ll enjoy your rad new setup! And thanks again for that leap of faith you took being one of our very first customers :call_me_hand:


I love your quilt. I will be ordering a couple more for the new rig!

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