The boss needs to physically see a GFC to release financing

So I am ready to go all in and get in line for a build for my Tacoma but the wife would like to actually see a GFC and check it out. With the ongoing pandemic and the Expos all virtual for now it is impossible to see one. I’m in Tucson and hoping someone in the vicinity could reach out to me so that I could do a drive by and check out their rig. Thanks in advance for suggestions.


It is way better than I expected. If you can get her to take a road trip to Oregon you are welcome to check mine out.

I am in Flagstaff if you guys are up here some time.

thanks for the offer jedgar, would be a great road trip but hoping for something a little closer to home.

Flagstaff might work, will wait to see if any reach out from southern AZ or Phoenix metro area first. thanks for the offer.

@liventhedream Totally understand, I was also pretty sold but seeing it did seal the deal. I’m in Colorado but won’t have mine till March (hopefully sooner), if you can wait I’d be happy to meet up. Maybe hit up @Camper1088 he’s here in Colorado too and already has his setup.

I may be in Phoenix around Feb 6-7. I can let you know if I do end up in the area. I’m always down for a little demo.

Phoenix could definitely work, thanks for reaching out

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We will be returning home to Kingman from picking ours up around the middle of March, if that helps. If you want to have a looksee, just let me know.

@liventhedream if you haven’t gotten a chance to check one out yet I’ll be in Yuma from the 5th to the 14th and may wander east to Organ Pipe via the Goldwater Range

thanks for reaching out, boss approved funding w/o visual, we are on the build list


That is great news!!