The Random GFC Photo Thread

3D printed covers for the win…. The side locks opened without any issues… the rear ones which I’m still waiting for my sewoverlander covers to come in for were frozen solid


Yup, I’ve definitely had to palm bump these open from time to time. Likely my rear door seal is frozen to my tailgate…so it’s all just part of the winter program :smiley:

Sounds like I need to winterize my latches.
Camped out in the first snow near Snoqualmie Pass; got about 4-6" of heavy wet snow. Camper and heater did great👍.
Now I need to figure out a solution to dry out wet gear and keep the inside bed from getting wet and nasty when climbing in and out.

This morning, pretty wet snow.

Outside temp last night 24F

Inside temperature of the upper sleeping area was 50
F after 10 minutes of heating up. Setting on heater was set to 1/3 of maximum at 1.5hz on a 5Kw Diesel Heater. Fuel consumption is 0.03 Gal/Hr.


Awesome! Quite a difference. Did you have the heat plumbed up to the top or just letting heat rise naturally?

Right now, it’s just rising up. I just leave a square platform removed when I sleep.
In the future, I’ll probably cut a hole in the front most platform and duct it in but it’s a low priority.

Nice! That is how I have mine setup as well. Both of us are short we we just remove 1 square and its fine. Havent tested it in the snow yet but did this fall in rain 39 and tent was 64 and cozy.

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Trying our best to get every last second out of fall before winter hits the midwest. Besides, when you’re in the woods you can’t be bothered to change your clocks.

(11/04 in Daniel Boone National Forest)


Is the color of your camper the brown bronze color. This is the color I’ve been looking for but I’ve yet to see one in pictures or in the wild. How do you like it?

Its their Gray fabric option. I wanted to avoid the bright yellow as my old RTT was an insanely bright orange and I wanted it to someone blend into the surroundings. (Really odd statement from a guy with a bright red truck I know)

I like the gray as it doesn’t light up as much in the mornings so its a softer wake up instead of being hit with the bright yellow at first sunlight.

Some of my favorite places in the world:


Wandering around cedar mesa with some friends today


Last week’s Campsites as I made my way back from Boston on the northern route via Canada and Michigan’s UP


A little Shasta action this past weekend


First test of my GFC going down 395…


130 pieces of 1 x 6 x 12 shiplap


First weekend out in the GFC. I love everything about it, coming from a iKamper, other then the condensation…WOW is it bad. I guess I gotta install a fan or tell the wifey no more camping trips with her since she wants all the windows closed hahhahaha.


The day before Capitol Reef… undisclosed UT location… not November, LOL.