The Story Til Now

Anyone else here shamelessly love watching The Story Til Now on YouTube? He’s got the sickest Gladiator with a GFC and a few of the guys he adventure/wheels with have GFC’s as well.

He has epic views and his drone work while driving is incredible.

His videos have put Canada on my bucket list for places to camp.


Always there for his Monday drops!


Those latch covers are a nice touch too :wink:

But yeah, everything about Shaun’s videos are awesome. From the cinematography to the rig. It’s a dream


His video today was absolutely sick!

I can’t believe how late I was to the lock cover crew

Better late than never :metal:t3:

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i do love his videos and content but the titles of his videos are a little overkill to me haha. all caps " WE SHOUD NOT HAVE MADE IT"

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he’s just playing the youtube game, everyone does it. I hadn’t watched any but checked out his latest, looks like a good time.

i know haha. it is some pretty cool content with awesome rigs

He does an amazing job with the cinematography and speed at which he puts out seriously good content!

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I used to watch all of his videos but after awhile they get very repetitive - I wish he dedicated a bit more time to the camping part and a bit less to the driving part. But yeah, it’s a bit much of the same: drive up rocks, through mud, through snow, someone gets stuck, they get them out, camp, repeat.

Beautiful cinematography though, for sure. He knows how to get great shots.

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I can see that for sure. But I also love how much he actually accomplishes as far as going places without making it sound like he is on some crazy expedition like some other YouTubers who make every little thing seem like a remarkable achievement. :joy:

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Shaun is a top tier youtuber I’ve watched him for a while and even though it is a bit repetitive the man knows how to get the shots. His cinematography is way up there. Also with the amount of good content he puts out I’d say he’s probably one of the hardest working YouTubers out there. If you’ve not watched take a look at his Channel I cannot imagine being disappointed. And of course him having a gofast makes it that much better.

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