The SuperLite Is Back!

Hey Everyone!

The lightest, thinnest, simplest, most affordable hardshell rooftop tent—the only tent to ever win the NORRA 1000—is back. But probably not for the reason you think.

At its core, GFC is a company that designs and manufactures amazing products. Filling out customs forms and managing someone else’s idea of quality was never something that interesting to us. So we killed it. But not before we sold a bunch of them.

We also put 500 of them into cold storage just in case there were any major issues. But, two years later, we really haven’t encountered any. So, with a new, all-American Superlite coming late next year, we decided to give the people what they want now: another chance to own the lightest, thinnest, simplest, and most affordable hardshell rooftop tent yet made.



Aaaaaaand it’s goneeee


It was in my cart at 9am and when I hit checkout it was pulled from my cart as sold out. Less than a minute. How is that possible? When I asked why was told it was a Shopify issue. The company is not willing to work with me and let me order one. Very disappointing.

This happened to me as well. Same with the early release time…it seems like Shopify was a fluke.

Hey Folks-

We’re sorry some of you didn’t score a SuperLite in our first drop. We sold out in under 2-minutes!

To keep the process as fair as possible, the SuperLite is not allocated until you’ve completed the order. Adding a unit to the cart does not lock down the unit. This prevents customers from adding SuperLites (or many SuperLites) to their cart and just waiting while they decide if they want it or not. We understand it was a quick drop, but we’re doing our best to make it fair for everyone.

There will be more drops, with the next being on Friday 12/9, and the quantities will remain limited as we will only drop what we have produced since the last. To stay in the loop, please make sure to sign up to our email newsletter. Saving your info at checkout will help you go faster for the next.

That all said, given the demand we are seeing, we will push even harder to get the new All-American SuperLite into production next year!

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