Thinking about selling V2

I am on the fence about selling my V2 camper for a Tacoma DCSB. $8000. Just installed early Sept. Never slept in, added side doors, stone tent, has the mattress topper and sheets, black panels. New job is taking up all my free time at this time. Has me thinking that someone else could get more use out of it. Its located in the Bay Area CA.

Serious question. If you were to keep it, how could we help you use it more and have more adventures?


All new jobs create their challenges on your time. The good thing about it is that things start getting back to normal sooner than you think. You have done all the heavy work already! You placed your GFC order, waited for the build, had it installed and PAID for it.
When things start normalizing in the new job and find yourself with some free time, wouldn’t it be nice to have the GFC waiting!
Unless you need the money, don’t like the GFC or life circumstances dictate a change. I say keep it and rock the sh… out of it on your free time! Just saying!


Not sure. I guess I just need a voice of reason to talk me into keeping it.

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You make some valid points. Maybe I do need to give the job a little more time to settle in and get into a groove. I have been so busy I just git it in my head that I am never going to have free time. I definitely know I would regret it down the road if I do sell. I just remembered a quote

It’s storming now, but it doesn’t rain forever.

Thanks for your input


You got this! Enjoy your GFC ! You can always adjust to the circumstances!

Or leave the big city and move to the foothills. I left Sacramento over a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Closer to real camping and outdoor stuff. I think most of us here love the outdoors and being in the wilderness yet most live in the city surrounded by things we dislike because we “have to” because of work, bills, kids,and the list goes on. Change is hard but man country life is worth it. At the very least push yourself to get out in the gfc even if its only for the night. Its good for the soul.

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Just pop that thing at the house, sit in it and have a beer. It’s an accomplishment/goal met that you have it. Enjoy the little things. There is no life without the ups and downs. When in a somewhat down period, be excited better times are around the corner. Not blowing smoke just stating the facts. I hope you hang on to it. They are made to be there when you need them. You don’t have to be at a crystal clear mountain lake on a sunny day to enjoy your GFC, but eventually that kind of day and many others will come.


Even a half day trip can make a world of difference. I love packing a cooler (or fridge) and finding some spot on a map with a weird name and just going for a drive to see what’s there. Stopping here and there along the way, popping open the side panels for cabana mode. Grabbing a cold drink and a snack and just relaxing on the tailgate for a few while seeing something different from my normal routine. Might seem silly but it helps me quite a bit to just break the routine from time to time. Not every adventure needs to be a giant undertaking.

Or pack a minimal amount of stuff and leave right after work for a quick overnight. No real goal in mind other than, waking up somewhere new.


I’ll gladly give it a good home if you end up wanting to get rid of it.

Wiley, I used to do exactly that not long ago. I guess I lost my way somewhere along the way. Just put my head into work. Its almost like groundhogs day living the same days over and over again. I just got to get back to my sense of adventure. Thanks for your comments.


Is this for a second gen?

interested if you decide to sell and located in the by area as well!

its for 3rd Gen Tacoma with the short bed.

Right now I am on the fence. But I will let you know. Thanks

@Tacticalbbq sent you a PM last week. I’m located in the Bay Area as well. Please let me know if you decide to sell.