Third brake light + rear view camera system

I decided not to get windows for security and cost, but I was getting ready to set up my stock rear brake light when it occurred to me that I could probably replace it with one of the many rear camera 3rd brake light systems on the market. Ideally, there’s one of these that can wire up to or replace my rear view mirror.

Advantage of these things is that they can record front and rear activity. Every insurance agent and claims adjuster I know owns one of these - for a reason.

Trouble is finding exactly what system will work. Most of the 3rd brake light cameras angle the camera downwards to help with backing up, but I don’t want that. I want the straight back view. Then the rear view cameras that do face directly backwards aren’t integrated to 3rd brake lights. So it’s a bit of a trade off. Wondering if I can combine these two.

Anyone tried this? Specifically for always-on rear view replacement, not just for back-up assistance. Assuming most of us already have backup cameras so that’s not an issue for the windowless among us.

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It depends on what truck you have… I got rid of my Tacoma’s rear view camera and replaced it with a commercial one and wired it so that it’s always on and I literally see everything behind me and to both sides


I’ve been looking into one of these. Still angled, but they have several options that I think could be rigged up right. Kits for lots of rigs too.

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This is the same idea I’ve been playing around with recently. Concern with the rear camera/tail light is the screw holes lining up with the GFC existing holes for the tail light. Did the light you went with match up or were new holes needed?
Additionally were you able to use the OEM plug from the tailgate camera?
These are the two items slowing my decision up along with a new bumper install that will put the spare tire on a swing arm which could obscure the view quite a bit.