Thoughts on battery, electric et al enclosure

I have an RTT and am installing a dual battery system (w/solar, inverter) in an open bed f150. Looking at various containers to house the entire kit. Key focus is on equip environmental protection and security. I’m considering the large Milwaukee packout (below) as its large enough to jam everything in and has the added advantage that I can easily pull it out for service and/or for off season storage. Seems easy enough to modify with some exhaust fans and lock down. Any better suggestions out there? I’d install it all in the cab if it weren’t for the noise level produced by the Victron inverter.


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I have also been intrigued by the Milwaukee Packout option. I especially love the possibility of simply unplugging the leads & removing the unit, so I can use the truck bed for other purposes. However… The battery (already purchased) that I have is slightly too long (just under 21 inches) for the Milwaukee products. So… I’m on a similar search.

What I’m finding is that the enclosures that I’m able to fit the battery into are either too small for anything else, causing me to consider a 2nd location for the BCDC, inverter, fuses, fridge hard-wire plug, etc… Or… Way too big, which is a waste of space.

If anyone out there has a good solution for a Renogy 200ah Lifepo4 enclosure, that can be mounted to a Goose Gear bed plate (Jeep Gladiator), and contain other electronic components, please let me know! Extra bonus points if it can be removed & replaced somewhat easily…


It’s not exactly the answer you’re looking for… I had a similar problem so a buddy and I just made a wooden enclosure, carpeted it like a speaker box. I’ve already started separating out pieces, finding places to mount them out of sight, so I can shrink/eliminate the box. It was a nice solution to get me on the road FWIW.

I actually ended up mounting the battery in a Roam (I think it’s 105L) case. It’s a work in progress. And I don’t think there’s room for an inverter in there. But I’ve got the Redarc BCDC charger, a BlueSea fuse block, my Dometic fridge plug, and some Anderson plugs to the outside. I’m sure I could mount an inverter externally somewhere, if necessary.