Tie downs inside a V1

Has anyone found a good product that could possibly Velcro wrap around one of the poles on the frame of the V1 and allow for a ratchet strap to hook to for securing things in the bed. I’m not looking for 1000s of lbs of hold just something strong enough to keep stuff in place.

also curious about this

Why not just wrap the tie-down strap around the frame?

I have put these on all of the bolts up top in my V1 and a few on the auxillary bolt hole locations

They work awesome just don’t forget to put some sealant on the bolts when you put them back in and do one at a time

EXCELFU 12 Pack Stainless Steel Tie Down Strap Rings Dirt Bike Multi-Purpose Tie Down Anchor Strapping Hooks for Motorcycle Dirtbike ATV Trailer Truck, Black https://a.co/d/cz6HpW6

What type of sealant and where are you using it at?

GFC has recommended this stuff before, when you pull the old bolts out you will see where they had sealed it on the threads, just clean off the old and put on new. Also there is no torque spec just not too tight but also plenty tight… I went with 3- 4 ugga drugs with my DeWalt impact driver :wink:

Gasoila Hard-Set Thread Sealant Varnish For Metal, PVC, Rubber, Marble, Wood, and Porcelain 1/4 pt. with Brush https://a.co/d/fozuK8n