@timwentouside 2005 Tundra Regular Cab Build


This is a build thread for my 2005 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab GFC build. I love reading through build threads and now I get to have my own.

The GFC is one of the big upgrades I have been waiting for and now that I have it I couldn’t be happier. I plan to update this thread more in the coming months as I am working on getting all the accessories and goodies installed on the truck and camper. If you have any questions about the truck let me know! Stay tuned for more. Follow my instagram too (@timwentoutside) if you want to see some more of the truck and my adventures.



wahooo another first gen tundra :handshake:

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Definitely inspired by your build!

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Thank you! We have been happy with our setup, reach out if you ever have questions about how or why we did something the way we did.

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Excited to follow along here, Tim! Happy camping! :camping:

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