Tips for taking the camper off?

I have to take my camper off for a week and put it back on. Any tips on getting it off ?
My truck isn’t driving straight (even after getting it aligned) and Toyota is requesting I take the camper off before I give it to them to look at again. Annoying ha

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I would imagine the easiest way to remove it is with 3-4 or more friends. Just unbolt the brackets and lift. Be sure to replace the bulb seal when you reinstall it. @GainzGFC might be able to help with suggestions

Put it in cabana mode, put some 2x4’s through the frame and lift. Someone on here posted about doing this previously.


Now we’re talkin

Didn’t use 2x4s like @dmg5000 did but probably would have helped. We did open the doors to help lift the frame. It will want to fall forward naturally so have the strongest people near the front. We slid it back on the rails and then lifted it onto the tailgate to regroup. Take your time and with 4 strong people, it’s fairly easy to move.

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Cool! Thanks for the reply. Is it really necessary to switch the bed seal with it only being off for a few days ?

Consensus is yes due to how much they compress when initially installed.


BAD BOY Rooftop Tent Removal Storage and Installation Device

Or my own method for a standard tent:


The wooden skids (4x4s) allow the tent to be put on the ground, moved around without damage, bolted down to truck bed rails, and even transported in a flatbed trailer. The tent is for sale, if anyone is interested….

John Davies
Spokane WA USA

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We used a floor jack on the tailgate and some longer 2x4s to gently break the initial seal on each side. Then with 4 guys it was easy to lift the camper off the bed rails. Definitely will want new bulb seals to re-seat.

Just a thought, if you are not concerned about some water entry, for example when washing the truck, you can reuse the old seal if it isn’t torn. It will still serve to pad and protect the rails and bottom parts of the GFC. A new seal will always work much better for keeping out water.

John Davies
Spokane WA

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Get a few friends to help lift it off. Unbolt the brackets and lift. Hahaha

Include a fridge full of beer, some smoked bacon-wrapped meatballs, a couple pieces of C channel steel (instead of 2x4s) and a bunch of friends. That’s how I got 7-8 guys over. six of us lifted mine from prior owner’s truck to my truck. Took me longer to install the new seal on my bed rail than to lift it off seller’s truck, and then onto my truck. Meatballs were gone by the time we finished, and there were a bunch of empty cans. And lots of smiles and pats on the back.