Tips for threaded accessory mounts on V1 camper frame?

I searched for every keyword I could come up with and didn’t turn anything up. Is anyone using these for stuff? Any hot ideas?

I was thinking about putting some hooks or rings in there to say, hang up a little line for airing out stinky gear. What thread-pitch/etc should I be looking for? I guess I can just pop out one of the screws and take it to my local hardware store to compare. :slight_smile:


I second @fatfurious2 for the Canyon Dancers. They are pricey but the hole is the perfect size, they are stainless, and they fit a moto strap. The GFC bolts are 5/8 thread, but be careful with any real load as it is just a threaded hole in the .120 wall tube and not a rivnut so there is not a ton of material to hold the bolt in.


Awesome. I’m going to pick up a couple of those. My currently swampy post-ride MTB gear will have a place to hang. :smiley:

Here is another option in black at Amazon, same concept and style as the link from @fatfurious2 and mention from @jedgar.

I will be installing in next couple days and use to create gear attic for sleeping gear when moving spots. My camper is a pitta to close with two sleeping bags and pillows.


I’ve been looking for exactly this! Thanks y’all!


Complete tangent but the fact that those shaka emojis are called “call_me_hand” made me chuckle.

Screencap from email:



Are you going to use a bungie net or something for the attic? I’ve been thinking about doing something similar.

Here’s the cargo net I bought and in use picture. The only thing is it doesn’t come with clips for fastening, just the loops so if you want to remove then I would purchase clips

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I was going to weave a sorta net out of paracord up there so I wouldn’t get the sag of an elastic one.


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I did the same set up but then tried this guy, world of difference!

Bedding Catch

Love it!

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I wonder if using the other bolts to hook on some of those canyon dancers (or just some of the climbing bolt hangers i have floating around) would be a good idea? Thoughts?

I’m case anyone was wondering just heard back from GFC you can use the other bolts as well with the tiedowns mentioned above.

I had some sport climbing anchors floating around and used those for the other bolts

Here is the message I got from GFC

The bolts that are in question are the frame bolts (5/16-18 x 2.5" grade 8 bolt) which secure the RTT to the space frame. There are ten of them around the camper - 4 per side and 2 for the rear. The tie downs that you have pictured can be hung from the frame bolts.

When loosening the frame bolts there may be some water that will start to seep through. If this happens then fully remove the frame bolts and allow the water to completely run out and allow to dry. Over time water can settle in the interior of the campers frame pipes which can lead to rust developing on the inside. For an added measure of rust protection, spray some sort of rust prevention (Frame Saver or Boeshield T-9) into those bolt holes. Prior to reinstalling the bolts, coat the threads with Gasoila or a similar hard set sealant to reseal the threads of the bolt. Thread the bolts back through the bolt holes and torque to 12 ft-lbs. Check that the frame bolts are tight and are fully sandwiching the tie down to ensure that no water can leak into the frame.

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^^^ This content is V1 solid gold! Pasted key bits into my phone notes for long term reference.
I was going to inquire about custom single-row MOLLE strip (perhaps 1 or 1.5" tall x length of the frame… but the strap rings are simpler, cheaper… and won’t encourage me to overload those accessory bolts which are only threaded into steel tubing. In fact, I’m feeling more inclined to only use the frame mounting bolts since they’re more solidly anchored. Well… hell… will probably put strap rings on all’em’all LOL.

Also a nice reminder on the Boeshield and thread locker (maybe permatex or Loctite permanent variant).

Yeah, I have rings on all of my bolts, so handy to hang my gloves, daypack etc from. Also good to keep my camera bag from moving from one side of the truck to the other and hanging a small inside trashbag