Titan Rod Vault on Jeep Gladiator

I know the topic of rod vaults has been covered and I did do a search. But can’t find anything for my specific application. I have a Camper on order for my JT. Interested in adding a Titan Rod Vault but worried that a 10’ tube will be too long for my 5’ box and will hit when the tent is open. Anybody have this set up? Everything I found on the forum was for long box Tacomas and Full Size trucks. TIA.

UPDATE: I found a Titan Rod Vault on FB Marketplace and it was a good enough deal that I decided to try and make it work. Ended up ordering a set of GFC Awning brackets and mounting them to the driver side extrusions. Then bolted the Titan Rod Vault direct to the Brackets. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics (Last light as I was finishing up the install).