Tnut measurement

Was hoping someone on here could help me out. Does anyone have any of the GFC 10-32 tnuts (not the gzila ones) they could measure for me? I need the overall height. Thanks for the help!

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To the best of my knowledge, this is a GFC T-nut…


Here’s a closer image…

Thanks! I was actually looking for thickness. Sorry about that.

Between 5 and 6mm thickness best I can tell.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Brian!

Another great invention in the works?

Unfortunately troubleshooting some issues, but a new product is in the works!

Of course. You’re welcome! If that’s not actually a GFC T-nut (as I believe it to be), let me know. I have a different variety that I can measure. I believe that those are G-Zila T-nuts, but possibly not…